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Hi guys! Long time no post :O

I’ve been taking a small break on cosplay to catch up on real life post-dragoncon, so I don’t have any sweet progress pictures. I will be starting a project for my sister, hopefully it will turn out okay! It’s something I’ve never made before, and I only have a month to make it 0.o If I make good progress I’ll post some great pictures :D

Other than that commission, I am in the planning stages of our next set of Dota 2 cosplays. It’s a huge project… so I am still trying to figure out how I’m gonna make everything! Also I will be fixing up my Phantom Assassin for December, when we will be attending Jekyll Comic Con. I plan to get some badass pictures of it then! 

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The Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask - Zora Link by Knux Cosplay

Photography by WidowFX and Amala

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Gears of War - Silverback Cosplay by Aracknoid3

Photography by Angel León and Daym

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Progress on my Terra Branford cape — still needs hemming and finishing, but the silk dyeing and painting are allll finished. So excited with how everything turned out. (♥ω♥*)

Please support my ongoing cosplay journey via www.facebook.com/ElysiumSansCosplay if you like what you see!


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Hey guys! If you’re into Dota 2, or just wanna say hello, come pop by my stream shortly! I’m casting a UGC match (pre-season) between SpartanX and Team DOWP that will start between 5 and 6 EST! I might do a few lobby matches if the game doesn’t start soon. 

Here’s the link: www.twitch.tv/leafypeachy

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Sorry that it’s been pretty quiet lately! I’ve been recovering from Dragon Con. I feel really good though, I got all of my craft crap off of the floor of my house and into storage so now it’s all organized! YEY. I’ll take a picture later :3 

The next con we have planned is Jekyll Comic Con, on Jekyll Island. It’s a first year con so it’ll be small, but I will be fixing up my Phantom Assassin breastplate to be accurate and fit better. It’s amazing all of the small details you notice while you’re wearing the costume that you want to fix!

I might start working on Silencer slowly soon, as this is a pretty big project and I don’t want to procrastinate again. Silencer is Kyle’s next cosplay, and it will be debuted at Dragon Con 2015 :D We also have some fantastic surprise cosplays planned too! 

Convention season is winding down, what are your winter plans?

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Some Mako and Kill la Kill meet up spam from Dragoncon~ I’m not sure if any of the cosplayers have tumblrs, so if they do, please let me know! 

Photos by UMOPhoto, shortfusepinups, Affliction Cosplay Photography, blueeyesdante, and Bentpic5

I got the chance to see Korin a few times at Dragoncon, she’s super sweet and makes amazing costumes! She’s such an adorable Mako :3

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I noticed you mentioned those fillable ornaments for worbla breastplates... I am chesty and was hoping the 200mm kind would work... then only saw it in the UK, not US. (Styrofoam did not like me.) Do you have ideas on a way to find one that size?



So I hope I understand what you’re saying, but I’m in the US and I bought my ornaments from here: http://factorydirectcraft.com/catalog/categories/1302_1039-acrylic_fillable_ornaments.html

I don’t see any that are 200mm, but with a little research I’m sure you can find one. 

Hope that helps!

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My first thoughts on worbla - for Blackpooled

blackpooled answered your question:blackpooled said: What was the tutorial? Curious…

I also have some sintra I’d like to use in the future so that would help too :D Also, how was worbla in practice vs. what you expected?

Okay so this info isn’t anything special I guess, but as someone who basically has only heard that worbla is a gift from the cosplay gods, I will pass onto you some things I struggled with. Maybe it can help you in your next project. This turned out hella long so I’ll put it under a cut:

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Today’s #dragoncon snap is with @stellachuuuuu!! She looked so uber cute in her sailor scout outfit and she was really friendly! Yeeeeee 😍

Today’s #dragoncon snap is with @stellachuuuuu!! She looked so uber cute in her sailor scout outfit and she was really friendly! Yeeeeee 😍


blackpooled said: What was the tutorial? Curious because I’ll be using Worbla soon!

Actually it wasn’t a worbla tutorial!! It was an alternative with sintra. I’m so sad that I wasted precious worbla on something I have to throw away. Sorry :( BUT if you have any questions, I was working with worbla a lot for the first time so if you have any questions, feel free to ask. It was different than I expected.

yamneko said: its better than someone asking the same question you need answered and there being no answer

Haha, yes you’re right. Anything I can help with?

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At least I can make a new one I guess….. *cries over wasted worbla*

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