Leafy Peachy Cosplay


Character: Midna
Series: Legend of Zelda


Character: Midna

Series: Legend of Zelda


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29 Photos That Prove Everybody Cosplays


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this was rly hot to wear…literally…i’m never wearing it again lmao…
photographer is eurobeat kasumi ~


this was rly hot to wear…literally…i’m never wearing it again lmao…



photographer is eurobeat kasumi ~

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Life Updates


Sorry it’s been deadsville around here… I haven’t been working on any of my own cosplays recently so I don’t have any wip shots. (Yet) I plan to begin working on my 2015 cosplays at the end of the year. 

I AM working on a commission though! I don’t normally do commissions but my sister insisted haha. If it turns out to be wearable, I’ll post some shots of it. 

I have big plans for 2015 though, so keep an eye out. :D

I have a question for you guys! Have any of you been to Anime Matsuri? My sister just moved to Houston so I was looking at cons there. AM seems like it’s really awesome!! If any of y’all have been, or are going, let me know because I’d love some feedback :D

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Mini PSA: 

Please be nice to people who write tutorials! 

No one is FORCED to write a tutorial about anything - they do it to help the community and share knowledge with other costumers. 

Writing tutorials can be HARD. What is common sense to you might be unknown to your audience and it can be tricky to decide what to include and what not to. 

If you don’t understand a part of the tutorial or something, send the writer a polite message asking for help! Most cosplayers will be SO happy to help you and won’t be upset that you had trouble. 

So please - Don’t make comments like “This is a terrible tutorial” or “I wish this was actually useful.” This discourages cosplayers from making more tutorials!! Just send a nice message asking your questions or telling them what you think could be added to improve. 

Thanks guys! <3 Keep supporting each other!! 

<3 Emi of L2S Cosplay

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cosplayers understand my point

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Hi guys! Long time no post :O

I’ve been taking a small break on cosplay to catch up on real life post-dragoncon, so I don’t have any sweet progress pictures. I will be starting a project for my sister, hopefully it will turn out okay! It’s something I’ve never made before, and I only have a month to make it 0.o If I make good progress I’ll post some great pictures :D

Other than that commission, I am in the planning stages of our next set of Dota 2 cosplays. It’s a huge project… so I am still trying to figure out how I’m gonna make everything! Also I will be fixing up my Phantom Assassin for December, when we will be attending Jekyll Comic Con. I plan to get some badass pictures of it then! 

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The Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask - Zora Link by Knux Cosplay

Photography by WidowFX and Amala

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Gears of War - Silverback Cosplay by Aracknoid3

Photography by Angel León and Daym

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Progress on my Terra Branford cape — still needs hemming and finishing, but the silk dyeing and painting are allll finished. So excited with how everything turned out. (♥ω♥*)

Please support my ongoing cosplay journey via www.facebook.com/ElysiumSansCosplay if you like what you see!


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Hey guys! If you’re into Dota 2, or just wanna say hello, come pop by my stream shortly! I’m casting a UGC match (pre-season) between SpartanX and Team DOWP that will start between 5 and 6 EST! I might do a few lobby matches if the game doesn’t start soon. 

Here’s the link: www.twitch.tv/leafypeachy

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Sorry that it’s been pretty quiet lately! I’ve been recovering from Dragon Con. I feel really good though, I got all of my craft crap off of the floor of my house and into storage so now it’s all organized! YEY. I’ll take a picture later :3 

The next con we have planned is Jekyll Comic Con, on Jekyll Island. It’s a first year con so it’ll be small, but I will be fixing up my Phantom Assassin breastplate to be accurate and fit better. It’s amazing all of the small details you notice while you’re wearing the costume that you want to fix!

I might start working on Silencer slowly soon, as this is a pretty big project and I don’t want to procrastinate again. Silencer is Kyle’s next cosplay, and it will be debuted at Dragon Con 2015 :D We also have some fantastic surprise cosplays planned too! 

Convention season is winding down, what are your winter plans?

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